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Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimization Process
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mlm softwares Pre Optimization Search Engine Ranking Report
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Implementation of Tags and Codes for Search Engine Optimization
india mlm Title Tag Optimization
mlm software Description Optimization
mlm software Keywords Optimization
mlm software Web Site Structure Optimization
mlm software Site Map for Link Optimization
mlm software Google Analytics
mlm software Body Text and Content Optimization
mlm software H1-H2 tags optimization
mlm software ALT Optimization
mlm software Google Site Map - Development and Hosting
mlm software Yahoo Site Map - Development and Hosting
mlm software ROR site map and hosting
mlm software Search Engine Submission
mlm software Web Optimization through Directory Submission
mlm software Product Specific Directory Submission
mlm software Country Specific Directory Submission
mlm software Trade Lead posting
mlm software Google Local Submission
mlm software Google base Submission
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mlm software Article Submission
mlm software Website Progress Report
SEO Strategies & Process



He goal of the search engine optimization services is to increase online presence of your company, product and services. We apply following strategy :

Keyword Research, Keyword Analysis for Search Engine Optimization Process



SEO services comprise of thorough keyword research and analysis. It forms a major part in the entire search engine optimization process. These keywords are obtained by using several keyword research tools. They are the best host of your website and hence they are spotted by the crawlers of major search engines. The keywords found after the completion of research are sent to the clients for their approval. In case of any alterations these keywords are again searched and confirmed after many brainstorming discussions with the clients and the researchers.

We have separate team to research on important and most used keywords to find out your type of web site. We analyze top listed web site with all those key words, we understand implemented strategy for top placement as different business models listing are being used with different listing algorithm for search engine ranking. It is important to generate user friendly content along with it being SEO friendly with relevant keywords depending upon the business type, either its products or services. This is the reason why SEO is the combination of knowledge and science.


Competitor's Web Site Analysis By SEO Company



The aim for doing competitor’s web site analysis is to get information and ideas about how your competitors are performing, what is your site level and what strategies will be needed for your site to lead your competitor. Our process includes preparing several reports with important and covering information of competitor’s sites.



Pre Optimization Search Engine Ranking Report For Professional SEO Services



This is essential to know positioning of your web site before we start search engine optimization process. We make this report by checking your web site placement in all leading search engines with important key words. This becomes starting point of  search engine marketing to analyze the progress in future.

Implementation of Tags and Codes for Search Engine Optimization



Coding is the most important tool for seo service process. Our  SEO experts study your website in details and insert tags and codes necessary for search engine spider to identify important keywords of the page. This is a part of  offline optimization of website. Many times we have to generate bookmarks to show the importance of the topic and keywords to the spider of the search engine.

Title Tag Optimization For Organic SEO



Title tag placed very vital role for search engine placement & SEO Service. Especially for Google and Yahoo Optimization. We have research killing title tag frequently used for searching your type of web site. We optimize each phrase with title tag. If this tag is properly used then it gives high ranking in  search engine placement. We optimize different title for different pages that increase your chances for multiple listing of your web site with similar type of key words.


Description Optimization By SEO Firm



Description is important for search engine marketing process for some of the search engines. Description is also called as meta tags. We optimize content of description within allowed limit. Description is a key factor In SEO Services for listing your web site in directories.


Keywords Optimization For Search Engine Optimization



Web site promotion has important relevance with key word optimization. There are instances where some product name is being known by different spelling for example colour – color. Some of the complicated words are being placed in search box of the search engines wrongly. We take care of all possible key words to find your web site in key word tag. Many times key words can be useful not in search engine Submission but definitely in directories placement or trade leads and as a professional SEO company we take this in account.

Density of similar keywords leads to stuffing of keywords innumerably in the content which is tagged as spam by major search engines. Due to this it becomes essential to use these crucial keywords in correct frame of sentences, with relevant key phrases without deterring the quality of content. Seo services process demands the combination of search engine friendly content and precise information so that the sole purpose of the generating website content remains unperturbed.

Web Site Structure Optimization




For top placement of your web site in search engine it requires your web site to be search engine friendly, we create search engine friendly web site if web site is been given to design by our company. But most of the time client has his own web site and we get an assignment for the optimization of the web site. We have experience and expertise to convert existing web site into spider friendly or search engine friendly web site. We change navigational structure of the web site with the consent of the client. The navigation structure’s importance in optimization process is to guide the robot of the search engine about all page links in search engine. This will help us in listing of all links or pages in search engines.


Site Map for Link Optimization By Professional SEO Company



A well structured site map design is important to show all links from one page. We create site maps describing link name with brief description. If this is not made in your existing web site, we develop the same as a part of search engine optimization services.


Google Analytics For SEO Analysis



It provides information about visitors of your site; pages and links visitors click on most and spend most time on. Analytics also tells you that after using which sites users came to your site. You can find out the most popular keywords, users type, country details and many other details.

Body Text and Content Optimization For Search Engine Ranking



A rich body text and key word oriented content is a secret of high search engine ranking or search engine placement. We optimize key words with existing content or change the same with your prior approval. To list your website at higher position it is essential to have search engine friendly text or content. Unless your website has rich text or content it is very difficult to draw attention of search engine crawler and position your site with top ranking. Sai Research & Development Software (SRD Software) provides superior search engine friendly content development services as an optional service. We can develop search engine friendly content on any given subject.

H1-H2 tags optimization By SEO Experts



Header tags are given more weight than regular page content. Search engine considers it mostly when indexing a Web page. Header tag is important for visitors also, because heading tag tells both search engine and visitors what the content is all about.

ALT Optimization



An alternative tag, it is the HTML tag that tells search engine what the images are all about. Since search engines can not read text fixed in images, so alt tag tells search engines what the images are all about. Alt tag is helpful for visually damaged persons to understand the objective of images.

Google Site Map - Development and Hosting



A Sitemap is a list of the pages on your website. Creating and submitting a sitemap makes sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process. Sitemaps provide additional information that may not otherwise be discovered, such as pages that are not linked from any other page within your company.

Yahoo Site Map - Development and Hosting



A Sitemap is an XML file which contains a listing of all URLs and pages on your website. The file is used to inform and direct Yahoo search engine crawlers so that web pages can be discovered and indexed quicker. Sitemaps provide additional information that may not otherwise be discovered, such as pages that are not linked from any other page within your company.

ROR site map and hosting



ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. It helps describe your sitemap as well as products, services, feeds, articles, reviews, archives, and much more objects. Also, ROR Sitemaps are automatically readable by all search engines, including Google.

Search Engine Submission



Once offline optimization process of web site is over, then online search engine optimization or search engine submission process starts for search engine placement. We manually submit your web site to all leading search engines. This process is a time consuming but the most reliable then software generated submission process. Our submission process includes all spider oriented search engines or human edited search engines. Search engines wade through more than trillions of site pages to obtain those websites which have distinct content and fresh write-up with precise information. Besides this, search engine algorithms changes every fortnight hence following the trend acquired by different search engines is a crucial task. This demands, expert and professional bunch of personnel’s. We understand that 90% traffic of the web site comes through major search engines like Google and Yahoo. But submitting in 2nd grade search engines also helps you in listing your web site in Google or Yahoo through their own listing in Google and Yahoo.


Web Optimization through Directory Submission



There are many important directories from where search engine takes data for example dmoz. At the same time, there are some country specific directories and also product specific directories where listing for your web site becomes very essential. These directories are also listed in search engines as they market their directories through search engine. As a part of search engine marketing process, we submit your web site to all leading directories, product specific directories and country specific directories.

Product Specific Directory Submission For Effective SEO Service



There are many important product specific directories from where search engine takes data. Here listing of your web site becomes very essential. As a part of search engine marketing process, we submit your web site to all leading product specific directories which helps in expanding your products worldwide.

Country Specific Directory Submission SEO Service



Directory submission is a part in search engine marketing process for which we submit your web site to all leading country specific directories as Yahoo, MSN, AlltheWeb, AltaVista etc.

Trade Lead posting



Trade lead highlights when customer is looking for the particular products. We are aware of techniques and methodology of this search engine marketing tool. It may take time to list your website in search engines around six to eight months due to aging delay. So if trade leads are managed properly you will get inquiries immediately before your site is being listed in search engines with relevant keywords.

Google base Submission




It is a local business center to create your listing. When customers search maps for local information, they will find your business, your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products.

Content Writing



Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. Items you submit to Google Base might be found on Google properties like Google or Google Product Search.

Content Writing :

Content plays a very important role as far as Search engine optimization is concerned. It is necessary to have search engine friendly content to attract visitors to your website. We are here to help you create effective and search engine friendly content for your website.

Article Submission



We write an article for selected topic and submit it to particular article directories to get listed well in search engine optimization process.

Website Progress Report



After submitting your website we constantly keep study whether it has been listed in search engine or not.And as a professional SEO service Providing company our all effort are there to get list your website as quick as possible.

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